5 experts reveal their secrets for getting blog traffic (Ultimate 15 SEO Tips of 2020)

Starting a blog and writing content in it is the first thing for a blogger.

After that we have to bring traffic to it and this is why a lot of people lose, and later leave blogging saying that no one comes to my website and blog, so why should I waste my time in blogging.

If you have the same problem then from today you have no need to worry.

In this blog, I am going to tell you how you can bring traffic to your blog or website, and how you can bring visitors to your website.

And this is not my technique, I have contacted some expert bloggers and took their advice.

So guys, I am going to present secrets for you guys by taking some techniques and strategies from the special five experts who are in the top in the blogging industry.

I hope you look at each of the points of these five experts carefully and closely, understand them and try using them in your blog. And get more traffic to your blog.

So when I ask this question ” What are the 3 seo tips to drive traffic ? ” to these pro bloggers, they response me with some techniques that mention below :-

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Kirtish Vyas kirtish vyas(https://bloggingos.com/)

Below are my best 3.
1- Focus in targeted query which are usually Long tail keywords instead of 1 or 2 word keywords as such keywords are not focussing on any user search criteria.
2- Timely update and rewriting the existing post by adding the Google suggesstions mentioned at the bottom of a google search for aparticular keyword.
3- Try to create as much as possible quality backlinks from relatively same niche websites.
Above 3 are my best 3 tips.

Kamaldeep Singh (http://digihues.com)kamaldeep singh

  • Write Irresistible Headlines, Your title or headline should be eye catchy.
  • Always Target Long-Tail Keywords.
  • for Referral Traffic Do quora, google forums and generate the traffic.

Parth Suba (https://twitter.com/parthsuba77)parth suba

Here you go with the three tips:

1) Grab the low hanging fruits – Meta tags, heading tags, table of contents, internal linking, sitemap & canonical URLs

2) Do not build links, add mutual value and earn links, maybe acquire links – Broken link building – Apple Sauce Technique – Resource link acquisition

3) Remove the duplicate pages from the index, try and lower the crawl rate – Use noindex tag only if you are temporarily hiding it or the page has important link juice – For other pages, try and block from robots so the Google bot doesn’t crawl it

Mantra Labs (https://mantralabsglobal.com)mantra labs

As requested, our response to “3 SEO tips that drive traffic” is –
1. Follow on-page optimization techniques.
2. Focus on quality over quantity.
3. Share your content on different social platforms.

Animesh Dubey (The Digital Dreams)the digital dreams

These 3 techniques always work for me –

  1. Answer in quora website and put your website link in answers.
  2. Search for broken links and ask website owner to replace link with your blog article.
  3. Drive huge traffic using social media ads and influencers.



Conclusion :

Now it’s your time,

Hey.! learner and blogger and entrepreneur and marketer, I’m super excited to have your comments and compliments for this post. Feel free to comment, what you like, what was your mistakes as new blogger, what key points you’re taking away, and how this post is proven helpful to you.

Blogs are rated the fifth most trusted source for accurate information. 84% of people have purchased a product after reading about it on a blog.

Maybe that’s because, by their very nature, blogs provide a personal touch that’s not found elsewhere.

“A tiny request, please share it anywhere on the internet you would like to, just because these experts have shared their best with you and for you”

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