Top types of websites that make money.

Want to know which kind of website is going to earn the most money with Google AdSense? Few days ago we have taught you about the types of ads by we can earn from the websites and those are CPC, CPM and CPA platform so don’t you want to apply those at any of web platform you want.

let us help you to teach which types of websites would be the best to monetize on and earn more.

1. Blogs:

Blogs are known for having consistent and unique content published on them all the time. In fact, some blogs post new content daily, or even hourly.

This is attractive to advertisers paying to have their ads displayed on a website through the Google AdSense program.

There are several types of blog site you can use to earn money :

1. News Blog websites: In the news blog websites you can post daily news updates by searching content that you can post to your website and remember one thing the content you have  must be attractive so that users cannot scroll you web links but they have to click.

2.Informational websites: In the informational you can upload any types of information like food related blogs, health, technology related blog sites those could be relays under the informational type of blogs.

3.Business blog: The business blog might also be relayed under the informational websites but the business blogs can have their own genre In this kind of website you can share the business views of the markets and logic about entrepreneur.

How to use and earn money by AdSense in your blog websites.

You might consider placing AdSense ads in the top generating spots on your blog to generate the most revenue possible:

  • Within blog content
  • Under the navigation menu but above the content
  • To the left of the blog title
  • Below blog content in the form of a native ad
  • All whitespace areas on your website

2.Forum Websites:

For some, writing blog content and attracting loyal readers is not something they want to do. However, many find that forum sites are a great way to give others a platform to speak their mind, while also generating AdSense revenue.

Instead of writing extensive blog posts, all you have to do is list forum discussion points and let users interact.

From there, drive traffic to your site, establish yourself as an authority, and create a brand, just by getting people together to talk about a variety of topics.

For a great forum example, take a look at This simple forum website is for the job seeking persons those who are looking for government or private jobs and raipurrojgar is very best to see latest updated vacancies.

3. Free Online Tool Sites:

Have you ever thought about the type of traffic a website that offers a free online tool might see? If not, you better believe if the tool you offer is valuable, lots of people will visit your site daily.

And, those site visitors are going to click on relevant ads at some point, which makes you easy money.

For example, is a free online tool that lets you create animated gifs, slideshows, and video animations, complete with music.

And, since this tool is free for everyone to use, they use Google AdSense to make some money.

So these three are the top earning websites kind and some of the conditions you have to aware while using the AdSense in the websites.

Notice how they use the header section of their site to display ads. Plus, they use the sidebar whitespace to display ads for site visitors to click on. These ads are easy for site visitors to click on and have the potential to generate lots of money.

And there you have it! The 3 types of websites that earn the most money with Google AdSense.


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