What is On Page SEO?

Hello Everyone, last time we studies about the SEO and know that it has two types as well the On Page and Off Page SEO. Today we are going to study about the On page SEO, so let’s begin.

On page SEO is basically based on your web page decoration about to be heard by the your targeted audience. As you know there are lots of stuff available in market like you and the issue is to be best.

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What is On Page SEO ?

If you type On page SEO in search you will get many results in google but all the results displayed in the screen based on SEO.

SEO means by there good keywords, HTML Meta tags, Meta Description, Internal Links, Alt and Title and header tags.

Those are the mainly focused function cause for the great SEO.

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Meta Tags

Tags are the important function in SEO, Good implementation of tags results a good amount of traffic. Search engines get information about your page the meta tags. To achieve high rankings, it has to do with relevance and user satisfaction, but including custom meta tags will influence users and increase your click-through-rate

Meta Description

Meta Description is the basic description about the topic, which is not responsible for ranking but provide value to page. A good written Meta Description can Increase your audience and give you results in search. Description can cause of the audience attention for your website.

Size of meta description can be 160 to 175 characters.

Heading Tags

Heading Tags lies between h1 to h6. h1 is the highest heading tag you get in any page.  heading tags to represent the different sections of the page. You’ll notice the impact from both an SEO standpoint and a usability standpoint.





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