Groovepages Vs Clickfunnels [Awesome Comparision] 2021

In this article, we will analyze thoroughly and in details the comparison of Groovepages and clickfunnels. We all know of clickfunnels which reign since 2014 as all-purpose solution givers in building complete funnels for your business. Groovepages is new in funnel building and right at the moment. It is only accessible in a beta version, also known to be one of the strongest platform for services.

With click funnel and Groovepages known as one among the best, how will you know the best platform to choose? We will take time to compare and contrast them with their features.

What is Groovepages?

Groovepages could be said to be all-purpose marketing tools that will enable you to compose very strong sales pages and funnels, i.e. well fixed to be used. It is also made-up of the shopping cart, Groovesell, Groovepages mail as well as different software.

Not only coming with several features, but it also enables your pages to load accurately with high speed based on the fact that Groovepages uses Google cloud platform. The act of drag and drop on the platform makes it easy for even a beginner to get started.

What is clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder designed for business personnel; it helps businesses automate their sales advancement from the start to the end. It is designed as a solution for those who have great business ambition but with no technical capability to program or design.

Using clickfunnels, you can design:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Webinar
  • Opt-in pages.

groovepages review 2020

Features and integration

Groovepage features:

About 50% numbers generated from Groovepages is done on a browser, which means that a user can have the hope for more functionality. Other page-makers use a kind of improvised means which is an old system. Groovepage uses a system called progressive JavaScript method known as VUE.JS.

What can you do with Groovepages?

  1. Groovepage editor: this enable complete customization and control
  2. Drag and drop editor
  3. Free Royalty image 
  4. A/B testing
  5. Killer brand websites
  6. Expertly designed template
  7. Block
  8. Landing pages
  9. Customize coding
  10. Webinar funnels
  11. Free bandwidth
  12. Pixel perfect.

Upcoming features of Groovepages (Groovesell):

Groovesell is an online marketing platform or a sales platform that lets you sell or become an affiliate for different online and digital products.

It was designed by Mike Filsaime and is a revolutionary Groove funnel all-in-one digital platform. With it, you can create a complete product funnel.

It is a shopping cart platform just like paykickstart, samcart and ontrapot or thrivecart.

Groovesell is similar to online selling platforms like Clickbank and Warriorplus.

Who is to use Groovesell?

Groovesell is designed for everyone who has the interest of doing business digitally online.

It is perfect especially for items that need introduction or instructions on how to, e.g. how to invest, how to trade forex, etc.

Groovesell is also suitable for selling Ebooks, PDF, pieces of training, coaching and so on. Hence, Groovesell is better for you if you are a specialist in:

  1. Coach
  2. Consultant
  3. Speaker
  4. Software developers
  5. Authors
  6. Infopreneur
  7. Passion expert.

Groovesell includes affiliate management platform that enable you to also get most rough affiliate method on the market. In addition with reporting and analytics, 1 click upsell and all you need to make up your online business.

Groovesell mail:

To think, click funnel actionetic platform or active campaign integrate falls in one system. If you choose to hold on one current email service provider Mike Filsaime publish that Groovefunnels will consolidate with around 15+ email platforms as well.

Groove member:

Member CMS management system for a common digital course with several levels of access, drop content, etc. It will not have things like Gamification and certification at the beginning, maybe sooner or not. We will consolidate with all other known platforms on the business if there is a need for the enterprise.

Groove webinar or webinar Groove

The official name (Groove webinar) though is not yet finalized was designated in Sept1 2020. Groove member and Groove video were also designated for 2021.

yet, after a poll in the Groove, digital Facebook group, the group members and followers who paid to raise the work or turn a real test wanted the option to create a membership for the online course and host their videos first.

At the moment, Groove webinar is awaiting to be done in January 2021. Mike Filsaime declares that the webinar software is about 70% brought to an end but in pause to develop the following Groove product:

  • Mail
  • Members
  • Video.

Other Groove products

Groove market place: an equal place to market template, addons and plugins build for Groovefunnels.

Groove Aps: OPEN API for developers like the Shopify business place

Groove Academy: The main place for every training on the GrooveApps platform suite and for action tips that will enable users to acquire the most from each App.

Feedback.GrooveAps.Com is place to give a form requests.

And the Groove support desk.

A place to obtain full support for Groove funnels.

Product that doesn’t belong to Groovefunnels 


Groove kart could be said to be a self centered e-commerce platform with assertion of the art premium features not accessible in other e-commerce platform such as Shopify. Groove kart straightly requires that a competitor or shop owners are to pay.

Using Groovekart you can market visible items using different range of product and colors; it comes with strong analytical and reporting tools, shipping features and one-click product transfer, etc. Using one click will let you easily sneak from your shopify store in just a second.

Clickfunnels Email consolidations

You can consolidate with clickfunnels of your best auto responders. Also tell me if you want comparision between Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels.

Here are list.

  1. Active campaign
  2. Aweber
  3. Sendlane
  4. Ontraport
  5. Market hero
  6. Mail chimp
  7. Mad Mimi
  8. Drop
  9. Hubspot
  10. Converkit
  11. Constant contact.

Click funnels payment gateway consolidation:

  1. Keap
  2. NMI
  3. Ontraport
  4. Paypal API
  5. Recurly
  6. Stripe
  7. Easypay direct
  9. Apples and Android pay.

A user asked a question that said “can Groove kart main customers get access to Groovepages?”

When Groove Company was launched, it was called Groovekart, and later Groovekart was made as offer to customers which is when Groovepages got $497 for a life time.

The specific payment was for Groove funnels suite such as; Groovesell, Groovemail, members and videos, etc.

A customer who is able to pay under the “backer” offer or “beta” will obtain those items paid for.

However, buying Groove kart does not give an assurance that you will have permission to Groovepages or even Groovefunnels product.

Groovepages Email consolidation

The full pages of the Groovepages email will be out soon. Groovepage saids that their platform will be consolidated with number of emails platform, so there is hope for a bulky lists.

Groovepage payment Gateway:

Groovepage is not specifically mentioned of which payment gateway you will be able to consolidate with, but with hole sit it will be updated as current information on as time goes.

Can host and publishing work on Groovepages?

Get an unpaid hosting with or CNAME masking also with FTP to your server, you can even download all your data for creating a backup.

Websites creates on Groovepages will load easily fast due to the fact that they are loading HTML.

How will my websites show in Groovepages?

A lot of pages shows HTML when you supplement them in live. No database will be ask, because it is found as an issue with some leading builders like karta or clickfunnels. The landing page builder needs a database to load all particles and this stops websites from loading fast.

Review Trust: [Groovepages Review]

This is a recently added company that was acquired by Groove Digital. Groove kart and Groovesell will be added to bring it live in April 2020. Lets see some Groovepages Review :

Groovepages 1.0

The developers team of Groove digital invest over $100,000 to build a tools that is known as freepagebuilder and the project was deprecated to us. Not like the Groovepages that uses mobile friendly development pattern, freepagebuilder (Groovepages 1.0) was an older technology that was similar to karta’s pages builder.

After two years, Groovepage1.0 was removed in existence, then Groovepages 2.0 was created which is now the new software we are using today.

The reason why Groovepages 1.0 was out of existence is because they don’t need confusion in the market place.

Looking at Groove as an investment 

Groovepages is an investment “yes” it is, because later as time goes, day goes and years you will pay more for less.

The actual cost of Groove funnels is $497 and if you need complete access to Groove funnels cost will be $994.

But when contrasting with clickfunnels the payment becomes $3564 in every year yet it will not offer a quarter of what Groovefunnels does even in 12month time to come.

So, it is better to get Groovefunnels now because as time goes when Grooves moves away from beta the payment will be in monthly basis unlike clickfunnels and karta. What are you waiting for? Go to GrooveFunnels and register now, its free service.

Now its your turn, comment your suggestions and thinking about groovepages. What is motivating you?

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