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About Company :

Hatica is an Engineering Analytics to boost developer productivity.

In the year 2020, Haritabh Singh and Naomi Chopra established Hatica. The two founders were both upset with the lack of visibility and insights into their team’s work while they were engineers at different organisations. They recognized an opportunity to create a platform that would enhance the efficiency and wellbeing of engineering teams.

Hatica was founded as a remote-only business, which provided the founders with a distinctive viewpoint on the difficulties of working remotely. They designed Hatica to be a scalable, adaptable platform that could accommodate teams of all sizes, wherever they might be.

According to Naomi, the idea of Hatica was to create a landing app for every technical team and engineering leader. “Because they currently lack an app that would allow them to log in and begin working. We expect that 30 million developers will use Hatica as a landing page, allowing us to essentially identify the issues that developers confront,” he explains.

Founder : Haritabh Singh & Naomi Chopra
Funding : $4.6M
Headquarter : San Francisco, California, United States
Website : www.hatica.io

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