OMNICHAT – Brazilian Startup Success Story

Information about OmniChat-

Year Founded: 2017
HeadQuater: Curitiba, Brazil
Size: 11-50
Founders: Mauricio Trezub

About Company

In Asia Pacific, Omnichat is a top provider of omni-channel chat commerce solutions. We offer expert chat commerce business solutions for a variety of merchants in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Asia-Pacific area. We are an Official WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider as well as an Official Partner of Meta and LINE.

Omnichat offers cutting-edge business solutions on the integration of social messaging channels with increased efficiency, user behavior research, and the creation of remarketing strategies, from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, and your website.

With the goal of maximizing chat commerce through omni-channel sales, marketing automation, chatbots, and online-merge-offline integration, Omnichat provides businesses with the tools they need to deliver a seamless shopping experience and seize opportunities presented by the omni-channel retailing environment.

Omnichat’s clients include Sasa Cosmetic, Lukfook Jewellery, Kidsland(LEGO®️ Certified Store), Logitech, Timberland as well as other fashion brands, FMCG companies and government departments.


Brazilian startup Omnichat was established in 2017 and is presently situated in Curitiba. On a range of chat platforms, the organization assists businesses in improving personalization in their sales messaging. This aids companies in increasing sales and conversion rates.

Since the company’s founding, R$20 Million in startup capital has been raised, which is a significant sum. Three investors helped to make this funding possible.

Credit : Images taken from official website.

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