Clever Lili! – AI Tutor Based App

Clever Lili is an inspiring story of a founder using a personal problem to create a transformational solution.

Here is some business insider information about Clever Lili:

  • Founders: Clever Lili was founded by Alex Hak at the age of 18 and Petia Hak.
  • Funding: Right now there is no such information about funding rounds available.
  • Employees: As listed in the official website more than 12 teachers are there.
  • Pricing plans: Clever Lili offers two pricing plans: a monthly plan for $99 and an annual plan for $89 per month. They also offer a free trial for schools.
  • Social media engagement: Clever Lili has a strong social media presence, with over 1.5k followers on Facebook and 1.2k followers on Twitter.

Here are some additional details about Clever Lili’s business model:

  • Clever Lili generates revenue through its subscription fees.
  • Clever Lili’s target market is GCSE History students in the UK.
  • Clever Lili’s competitive advantage is its use of AI to provide personalized revision content to students.

Clever Lili, an AI revision app that can answer over 120,000 questions related to GCSE History.

credit : images taken from official linkedIn page.

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