How to start a blog, The best Blogging techniques 2023

One of the biggest question in everyone’s mind regarding blog is – HOW TO START A BLOG? This technique is working for 2023.

If you are reading this article means you are now deciding to start blogging or started but want to become the best one.

You’ve decided you want to start a blog, and you know you have something you want to share with the world in this case we are here to help you all.

Starting a blog isn’t difficult or complicated. People postpone getting started for a variety of reasons. Some think it’s too technical and confusing while others talk themselves out of it because they think they can’t compete in a crowded marketplace. Some never get started because they can’t decide for sure what they want to blog about, while others hold themselves back with fear of failure.

Never worry about those road block, if you want to blog just do it with content you have having unique identity helps the blog the most only remember this thing and there are basing techniques to start a blog.

You don’t need technical expertise or a ton of money. You just need to overcome whatever has been stopping you from getting started.

You can start your blog in just 5 simple steps:

1. Choose a topic

2. Name your domain

3. Choose a blogging platform

4. Choose your hosting and theme

5. Plan and write content

1. Choose Your Topic: A good approach to choosing a topic is to get in touch with what you are most passionate about. What are you constantly reading or talking about to the point others wish you would stop talking about it? The best to think to know your interest to blog to know what excites you the most.

If you choose a topic that is very broad, there’s a good chance you can’t compete with bigger websites that are written about the same topic. You may need to narrow it down to a specialty. like blogging about the “How SEO works?” has much competition as compare to blogging about “how link building works?” and blogging about as much as rare topic will give you as much as good straight.

Choosing a topic comes easily to some but is more challenging for others. Don’t get hung up on this step too long. If you start with one topic and find it’s going nowhere, you can always start a different blog. The important thing is to get past your reluctance to get started.

2. Name your domain: 

Purchase a domain from a site like GoDaddy or NameCheap. If possible, use a keyword that you are targeting in your domain name.

A keyword is a word that people will type into a search engine to search for a topic. A simple, memorable title for your blog is a good idea rather than something complicated or difficult to spell. It’s usually better to leave hyphens out of your domain name.

The name like facebook, twitter or even Google is the simple form of name and rare ones which make them more rememberable.

It’s always better to use a domain that ends with dot com (.com) rather than dot net (.net) or dot anything else. If readers remember the name of your blog but not what comes after the dot, they will always try .com first.

3. Choose a blogging platform: There are several different blogging platforms to choose from, and they vary in the amount of experience required to use them effectively. It’s a good idea to choose a platform which is flexible and will allow for any future changes you may want to make.

There are several option there depend upon where you want to blog in Own website or any blog page.

If you want to create a website where you want to blog take help of good web developer of you can use WordPress if you can handle it which provides you good and easy ways to create  websites.

Some of the website developing platform you can use:

Squarespace – This is a user-friendly platform offering drag and drop website building for beginners.

Wix – This is another platform that uses drag and drop tools to simplify the process of building a website.

Joomla – This is an open source content management system. Like, it’s a self-hosted option with plenty of templates but not as much community support as WordPress.

WordPress – This is a free blogging platform that is a great choice for beginners because it is easy to learn while you are first getting started. Like other free platforms, it will run ads on your site, and you never actually own your site, because WordPress can shut your site down if it chooses to.

The blogging platform:

Blogger – This is another free platform that can get you started if you have absolutely no blogging experience. Like, your blog isn’t actually owned by you and has limited options for tools or support.

4. Choose your hosting and theme: After having a domain the first think you need is hosting to take your website online and have some store in the world of internet. In hosting the website is created. If you want to create the website in easy way by using theme you can use wordpress as the best option.

if you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform, there are plenty of tutorials available to help you go through the process of installing a theme, and there is also an active and supportive community to help with any confusion you may have.

There are many different plugins that can help improve the functionality of a WordPress blog. Some enhance the experiences of those who are visiting your blog while others help you manage it behind the scenes. Within the WordPress dashboard, you can search for the type of plugins you are looking for, such as a contact form, photo Gallery or editorial calendar. etc.

5. Plan and write content: Once you have set up your blog, it’s time to get writing. An editorial calendar can help you plan your content ahead. Think about your target audience and what they want to read about, and then get started writing content that is relevant to your niche.

You should blog very regularly to hold the reader and get more reader and after writing few or some of your blogs you will learn more about to writing and creating new audience or reader for the blog.The more you blog, the more your writing will improve and the better you will get at knowing what to write about.

So, use these five techniques to start the blog and blog regularly and make your viewers more.

Above all, keep practicing and posting and you will continue to improve your blogging skills.

Neeraj Jain

12-year tech wiz & SEO master, I live & breathe all things digital. Passionate blogger, I demystify tech trends & hacks, helping you navigate the ever-evolving online world. Join me for insights & tips to power up your digital journey!

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