Fieldwork Robotics – Raised €1.8 million to help farmers in UK

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Fieldwork Robotics: Using AI-Powered Robots to Solve the Labour Shortage in Berry Farming Fieldwork Robotics is a Cambridge, UK-based company that is developing and commercializing soft, selective, and autonomous harvesting robots. The company’s mission is to “automate the harvesting of soft fruits, such as raspberries, to help solve the problem of labour shortages, increase farm … Read more

Clever Lili! – AI Tutor Based App

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Clever Lili is an inspiring story of a founder using a personal problem to create a transformational solution. Here is some business insider information about Clever Lili: Here are some additional details about Clever Lili’s business model: Clever Lili, an AI revision app that can answer over 120,000 questions related to GCSE History.