Clickfunnels vs wordpress


Want to turn website visitors into customers? Funnels & landing pages help!

Funnels map visitor journeys towards a goal (like a sale). Landing pages are special webpages built easily.

ClickFunnels vs WordPress:

  • ClickFunnels: Easy to use, all-in-one platform with marketing features (paid).
  • WordPress: Free, flexible tool but requires some technical knowledge.

Choose based on your needs!

Introduction to ClickFunnels

Feeling overwhelmed by creating sales funnels for your website? ClickFunnels can be your hero! Imagine a salesperson guiding website visitors through steps to learn about a product and eventually buy it. ClickFunnels works in a similar way, but automatically on your website.

In simpler terms, ClickFunnels is an easy-to-use platform that helps you build these sales funnels. These funnels act like step-by-step journeys for your visitors, guiding them towards a specific goal you have in mind.

Introduction to WordPress

Building your own website sounds complicated, but WordPress makes it easy! Imagine a toolbox filled with everything you need to create a website, from writing text to adding pictures. That’s WordPress! It’s a free and popular tool that lets you manage your entire website.

While WordPress isn’t specifically designed for sales funnels like ClickFunnels, it gives you more control over your website’s look and feel. However, building funnels with WordPress might require some technical knowledge or additional tools.

ClickFunnels vs WordPress: Key Feature Comparison

FocusSales funnelsWebsites & Blogs
Ease of UseEasy to use, drag-and-drop interfaceLearning curve, may require technical knowledge
CustomizationLimited customization within templatesHighly customizable with themes and plugins
CostPaid monthly subscriptionFree, with optional paid themes and plugins
Marketing FeaturesBuilt-in marketing features (email marketing, webinars)Requires additional plugins for marketing features
Funnel BuildingExcellent for building sales funnelsRequires additional plugins or technical knowledge
Content ManagementLimited content management featuresExcellent content management for blogs and pages

Pricing Comparision

FeatureClickFunnelsWordPress with Premium Theme
Base PriceStarts at $97/monthFree
Additional CostsNonePremium Theme (one-time fee: ~$50-$200)
Domain & HostingNot included (additional cost)Not included (additional cost: ~$3-$10/month)
Total Cost (example)$97/month + Domain & Hosting~$50-$200 (theme) + ~$3-$10/month (domain & hosting)


  • ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial.
  • WordPress has various free themes, but premium themes offer more features and customization.
  • Domain and hosting costs can vary depending on the provider and chosen plan.
  • The example cost for WordPress is an estimate and can be lower or higher depending on theme price and chosen domain & hosting plan.


Clickfunnels features

  1. Drag-and-Drop Builder: Create professional landing pages and sales funnels with ease, even without coding knowledge. ClickFunnels uses a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to arrange elements and design your pages.
  2. Built-in Templates: Jumpstart your funnel creation with a wide range of pre-designed templates for various goals like lead capture, product launches, and webinars. These templates are customizable to fit your specific brand and message.
  3. Marketing Automation: Automate repetitive tasks within your funnels, saving you time and effort. ClickFunnels lets you set up email sequences, autoresponders, and other marketing triggers based on user behavior.
  4. Sales & Payment Integration: Seamlessly integrate your ClickFunnels with popular payment processors like Stripe and PayPal. This allows you to accept payments directly within your sales funnels for a smooth customer experience.
  5. Analytics & Tracking: Gain valuable insights into your funnels’ performance with built-in analytics. Track conversion rates, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your funnels for better results.

WordPress features

  1. User-Friendly Content Management: Easily create, edit, and publish content like blog posts, pages, and news articles. WordPress offers a user-friendly interface with a familiar text editor feel.
  2. Flexibility & Customization: Tailor your website’s look and feel to your liking. Choose from a vast library of free and premium themes, and customize them further with plugins to add specific functionalities.
  3. SEO Friendly: Structure your website for search engines from the get-go. WordPress offers built-in SEO features and is compatible with popular SEO plugins to optimize your content for better ranking in search results.
  4. Scalability & Growth: Start with a simple website and build upon it as your needs evolve. WordPress can accommodate small blogs, complex business websites, and even online stores with the help of plugins.
  5. Large & Active Community: Never feel alone! WordPress boasts a vast and supportive community of users and developers. You’ll find online resources, tutorials, and forums to answer your questions and help troubleshoot any issues.

Clickfunnels SEO vs WordPress SEO

FeatureClickFunnels SEOWordPress SEO
FocusConversion optimizationSearch engine ranking
Built-in FeaturesBasic SEO options (meta titles, descriptions)More comprehensive SEO options (meta tags, permalinks, sitemaps)
CustomizationLimited customization of SEO elementsHighly customizable SEO with plugins and themes
Technical SEOLimited control over technical SEO aspectsMore control over technical SEO (site speed, mobile-friendliness)
Content ManagementLimited content management capabilitiesRobust content management system for blog posts and pages
SEO PluginsNot applicableExtensive library of SEO plugins for advanced optimization
Learning CurveEasier for beginnersSteeper learning curve for advanced SEO

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