What is SEO? Want to Know!

Many people asking about What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps you to get organic, free and natural search results in the search engines like Google, Bing etc.

A great SEO can make you primary in the results, displayed in the search engines while a bad one is like opening a “Sand Shop” in desert which no one cares for.

So, We guess that you got the point that having a web page or blog is not enough for the results even when you are in the market. You need to be listed on the top of the demand like when we search for “buy book” amazon will be listed on the results.

Now you are thinking that amazon is the huge company. Right! So, go and search for the anything you want the any top choice are happened by their good SEO.

So, note that point “search results do not depend on the huge one but search results can make you huge one.”

Now the question is how the hell it works ? Let’s go to some depth.

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There are three Major factor, SEO depends on:

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO


On Page SEO:

On the page SEO is completely depends on the admin side that what are factors and elements are used in the page that can be relevant for the results, the elements are Keywords, Links, Description and many more.

Off Page SEO:

Have you thought that having a Good on page resource in enough for you ? Then you are going to die in the search engine soon, you are not the only one who does the good SEO, it is the market of millions. Right?

So the second factor Filter out from them yes, everything is not depend on you, whats did you think? You will own the google on search by using keywords.

You Cannot do so. Search Engines have their algorithms to filter the parties and list them you need to step on them slowly by that algorithm.


You can improve results by “paid”  if you are rich enough you can do so.

On the other hand wrong ones are also available like spam and black hat but it is like creating a toilet in others land, you are going to the jail, similarly using these methods can banned you page from the search engines.

We have Giving you a Chart that can help you to understand SEO .


That’s all web masters for now Hope you learnt something by us, Be with us for more knowledge.



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